Friday, 11 April 2014

Before X-wing there was X-wing

A few years ago I started to collect micro machines star wars fighters for a display game.  You could pick them up cheap on Ebay.  I ended up with a pretty big collection (about 30+ Tie fighters and 20+ Rebel fighters) so started on a set of simple fighter rules. Whilst play testing one of my players said had I seen the new X-wing models coming out.  So there went my idea for a display game I was thinking of.  I do love the new X-wing models but cannot justify ignoring all my micro machine re-paints.  I also picked up a couple of the big electronic Blockade runners before they started fetching big money.  One is undercoated and the other is part painted.  Sorry the pictures are a bit wobbly I need to get a tripod.  I will try to get them re-done when I have a chance.

The Falcon is the snap fit kit that was out not to long ago.  I just did a little re-paint on it.  As the micro machines are a tad smaller I think it fits pretty well with them and is a lot cheaper then the proper x-wing game Falcon.

The A-wing is from Starship battles range as the micro machines one looks way to big.

Stellar Envoy 1/100th scale ship

Continuing with the Star Wars theme here is a picture of my Stellar Envoy.   Its a double decked ship in a similar design to the old YT-3000 series. But this is 36 meters long. 

This started life as a micro machines play set.  I had this from new back in my days as a Star wars collector back before the internet took off big time and really drove done the price of collectables.  Not to mention that the new movies damaged the collectable market too.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

15mm scale Star Wars Titanium AAT

I got hold of some old Titanium star wars AAT toys that work well for 15mm sci-fi.  Just slapped some paint on them and then got some Critical Mass RAL for the Droids and away you go.  Mine will be used as mercenaries  in my home grown background. One of the things I love about 15mm is that so many toys once re-painted can be used in your games.

A couple more shanty town pics

The last couple of shanty town pictures finishing off from the last post.  You can see the separate Angel Barracks vegi patch.

15mm shanty town or settelment

I am continuing with my crazy blog posts for a bit as I expect to have a week away from the computer next week.  So I am posting pictures of my latest bit of  terrain for my 15mm sci-fi games. This is a15mm shanty town made with GZG's fantastic settlement buildings.  I bought these about a year ago after selling off a lot of 28mm stuff. I wanted the buildings to make up a little diorama type base rather than just plonking them down as individual buildings.  I added some car body mesh fencing.  The vegetable patch is an Angle Barracks product made from some kind of flexible rubber.  Its a fantastic little peace and although its made for 6mm it works very well for 15mm gardens.  I highly recommend it. The vegi patch is removable too.
A nice over view of my little settlement above.
Below is a couple of close ups of the vegi match.

The tree is an aquarium plant bit stuck on a screw to give it a sort of palm tree look but I think it just came out looking like a bit of plant on a screw. Never mind.

A bit or car body mesh fencing with match sticks cut thin for fence posts. 

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

My fav mechs in the scale that fits 15mm the best IMO

Here are my smaller Robotch toys. They are just over 3 inches tall and for me fit the best with 15mm figures. I like that they are not too big.  They look like they could actually work in real life.  The previous pics I posted are the bigger 7 inch Robetech toys that for me are a bit to big.  See what you think.

Firefly shuttle and some 15mm crew

This is my Firefly shuttle and some 15mm crew figures from splintered light an Khurasan.

More big mechs

This post is to help a member of TMP with a scale comparison.  I think the short black mecha is what I know as a Stinger from Battletech.  Its 5 and half inches tall.  I think it was 1/100 scale but it could be 1/72. Just don't remember now.  The Griffin in black undercoat  at the end was 1/72 scale.  Hope someone will find this mecha line up handy. The figures are all 15mm.

 Here are a few more shots of the family. 

Multi scale jungle from aquarium plants

This is a project I have nearly completed.  I have lots of jungle made from aqueirum plants.  Although I now use it for 15mm sci-fi, it works well in 28mm too.  I still have some bits to finish but most of it done.  This is just a little bit of the huge amount I now have.

Battletech Warhammer comparison with Robotech toys

Here are some pics of my a Battletech 1/300 Warhammer mini on the right and two Robotech toys.  The figures with them are 15mm peter pig US army and GZG Crusties. Gives you some idea of how they work in 1/100 or 15mm scale.  The smaller Robotech toy  looks just right to me.  The Toys all came from Ebay.

Sorry about the not great pics but they were taken in my rather unsteady hands.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Dalek 40k

Some time ago a friend invited me round to play a 40k game but I had no 40k miniatures. So I said I would play as Necrons as long as he did not mind some proxy models.  I turned up with a horde of M&S Key Ring Daleks as my Necron infantry.

Monday, 7 April 2014

From 28mm to 15mm

A good few months back now I made the jump from 28mm gaming to 15mm. The cost of 28mm miniatures has just become to great and the temptations of khurasan and other 15mm manufactures become to much.  I have retired the old 28mm collection. Already my 15mm collection has out grown my sci-fi 28mm one.  And I have far more buildings now in 15mm than I ever got in 28mm. My current main project is building a complete sci-fi universe for 15mm gaming and my other love; starships. I have my home grown rules for both and a map of star systems to get me started.  Other projects just bubbling along  are my rebasing of my war of Spanish succession 6mm army and a soon to be started 10mm American War of Independents project. I have just got hold of some of Khurasans not walking dead range so shall be doing some zombie apocalypse gaming to. Again I have some home brew rules I will be using.

Silo 1313: Building a Starship

Silo 1313: Building a Starship: I got the idea when surfing this site   and found a ship that was built for "Star Wars" using the l...

Thursday, 3 April 2014

A lot of fun was had that day. That's way back in 2008.
An Occult Wars game on a 2 foot by 2 foot table. Best skirmish rules I have played.

Old pics of 28mm robot army

My 28mm Robot army, now no longer in use as I have swapped over to 15mm sci-fi but thought I would post some old pics to start off the blog.
These Terminator tank models only cost about £25 back when I got them a good few years back now.