Thursday, 29 May 2014

A Battletech Dropship

I got one of these years ago to use in a 28mm starship build that never happened but it would work really well as a Battletech drop ship.  What do you think?

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Shanty Town part 2

I have finally finish part 2 of my shanty town project.  This section has the general store and Bar for all the local scum and villainy.  Again they are the lovely GZG 15mm shanty town buildings.  I used raw plugs for some high tech fencing posts but they are a little bit to big. Should have used smaller ones.  Fist shots are just trying to come up with a layout I liked.

Firestorm Armada RSN ship

I have a real love of starships and have written a number of rules sets for down the club.  I am building up a fleet for a campaign at some point.  This is my newest ship all painted up; The RSN Spectre class battleship.

Copplestone 15mm Fantasy

I have wanted to try a bit of 15mm fantasy for a while now and picked up some 15mm Copplestone figures. They are some of the best 15mm around, if not the best.  They look like 28mm that have been shrunk. I have to thank John Treadway  for putting me on to my painting visor that has different lenses.  Without that I was struggling to paint 15mm.