Wednesday, 9 April 2014

More big mechs

This post is to help a member of TMP with a scale comparison.  I think the short black mecha is what I know as a Stinger from Battletech.  Its 5 and half inches tall.  I think it was 1/100 scale but it could be 1/72. Just don't remember now.  The Griffin in black undercoat  at the end was 1/72 scale.  Hope someone will find this mecha line up handy. The figures are all 15mm.

 Here are a few more shots of the family. 


  1. BTW: FYI that's a Bushman, not a Griffin you've got there. It's a nice mech to have too.

    1. Its been a long time. Not done Battletech for over 20 years. There was a time I would have known the name. LOL

  2. Nice pics, I love mechs, the smaller mechs are more practical for gaming, but the large ones have a cool factor.