Wednesday, 9 April 2014

My fav mechs in the scale that fits 15mm the best IMO

Here are my smaller Robotch toys. They are just over 3 inches tall and for me fit the best with 15mm figures. I like that they are not too big.  They look like they could actually work in real life.  The previous pics I posted are the bigger 7 inch Robetech toys that for me are a bit to big.  See what you think.


  1. I agree, I love those Macross mechs, I haven't got my hands on any yet, the design is perfect, are the ones at the back the same size? you have done a nice job on these, any advise as to where to pick some up?

    1. Yes the ones at the back are the same size. All Robotech toys. They are the smaller ones you get in the blister pack. I got all mine from Ebay. They are considered to be collectables. I asked the guy who posted them to me from the states to open the packaging when he sent them to reduce the cost and bulk. He was horrified I was going to take them out the blister pack and paint them.

  2. lol, I bet, never understood keeping collectables in their package, toys are for having fun.