Monday, 7 April 2014

From 28mm to 15mm

A good few months back now I made the jump from 28mm gaming to 15mm. The cost of 28mm miniatures has just become to great and the temptations of khurasan and other 15mm manufactures become to much.  I have retired the old 28mm collection. Already my 15mm collection has out grown my sci-fi 28mm one.  And I have far more buildings now in 15mm than I ever got in 28mm. My current main project is building a complete sci-fi universe for 15mm gaming and my other love; starships. I have my home grown rules for both and a map of star systems to get me started.  Other projects just bubbling along  are my rebasing of my war of Spanish succession 6mm army and a soon to be started 10mm American War of Independents project. I have just got hold of some of Khurasans not walking dead range so shall be doing some zombie apocalypse gaming to. Again I have some home brew rules I will be using.

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