Friday, 11 April 2014

Before X-wing there was X-wing

A few years ago I started to collect micro machines star wars fighters for a display game.  You could pick them up cheap on Ebay.  I ended up with a pretty big collection (about 30+ Tie fighters and 20+ Rebel fighters) so started on a set of simple fighter rules. Whilst play testing one of my players said had I seen the new X-wing models coming out.  So there went my idea for a display game I was thinking of.  I do love the new X-wing models but cannot justify ignoring all my micro machine re-paints.  I also picked up a couple of the big electronic Blockade runners before they started fetching big money.  One is undercoated and the other is part painted.  Sorry the pictures are a bit wobbly I need to get a tripod.  I will try to get them re-done when I have a chance.

The Falcon is the snap fit kit that was out not to long ago.  I just did a little re-paint on it.  As the micro machines are a tad smaller I think it fits pretty well with them and is a lot cheaper then the proper x-wing game Falcon.

The A-wing is from Starship battles range as the micro machines one looks way to big.

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