Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Star Ship Campaign: The battle for Cyrene Beta.

I thought its about time I ran a star ship campaign.  I am trying for a simple one with not to much record keeping.  The hand written map shows the single star system the campaign is based in, called Cyrene. The numbers on the map indicate the number of days it takes using normal engines to travel from point to point. The asterisk symbol is the jump points that allow movement to any other jump point. 

The minimal back story is that of the colony of Cyrene Alfa, that has been doing very well and has stated a colony off its own called simply Beta. That new colony (within an asteroid belt created by the destruction of several moons long ago) is now in revolt. By persuading the local defence force to come over to their side and by giving land to out of system pirates they have cobbled together a reasonable fleet.   Their advantage is two mining platforms within the asteroid belt that will supply the needs of their fleet and give them considerable economic power.  Their mother world has a far more powerful fleet but has it spread about the system and has lost easy access to valuable raw materials. This will be the starting point of the campaign. I am using my own two page rules for the ship combat and allowing the players to be as inventive as they want as long as its within the limits of the universe I have been slowly building over the last couple of years.

A few more 10mm AWI

Here are my 2 Battalions of Continentals plus officers and artillery.  All painted by Robert, who's painting skills never fail to amaze me. Hard to believe these are 10mm. All from Pendraken's range.

And to face them: The British with their Light company out.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

A great history lecture on why the dark age came about

The best history lecture I have seen in ages.  It shows how the dark ages came about and how they may very well happen again. Watch and learn something.


Wednesday, 9 July 2014

AWI 10mm

Here are some pics of my Pendraken 10mm AWI continentals. These were painted by my very talented friend Robert.  Enjoy.

I have written some rules that we will be trying out soon. Robert is working on some militia at the moment.  I have some British to be done and a few more continentals.  There are currently 4 of us down the club starting 10mm AWI but we are hopping that after seeing these sexy 10mm we will get a few more to join in.  I must say that the figures from Pendraken are fantastic having as much detail as good 15mm figures and they are very inexpensive.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Wargames fantasy world setting that’s........Different!


I have been looking for a fantasy setting for a wargames campaign that is very different to anything I have tried before.  A search that seemed to be going nowhere until I was babysitting my god daughter and was made to watch two Disney films: Frozen and Tangled.  To say I was pleasantly surprised at just how much I enjoyed these kids films is an understatement I am embarrassed about. Two very fun and grown up movies.  But what really struck me was the depth of the world each movie created.  And there it was; the world I have been looking for materialized right in front of me.  A world somewhat like our 1600’s to 1800 in style, clothing and uniforms.  The perfect location for a fantasy world with a difference.  On watching these films you will notice a lack of muskets but I put this down to (a bit of anti-gun lobbying) the guards seen being in effect police so being armed with crossbows only. The muskets must be kept locked away safe for if war comes. You can even research the worlds Disney have created on line. Check out these films and see if they might make a good location for your fantasy setting.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Thoughts on how to run my sci-fi campaign

Thoughts on how to run my sci-fi campaign

I have been thinking about running a sci-fi campaign down the club for a while now.  I have run campaigns before but they tended to take up a lot of time and energy. I did however run a skirmish (almost) role play campaign that was very successful that managed to take up very little time and energy.  So I have been revisiting some thoughts from back then.  

So how can I do this without too much paper work and time? The first thing I needed to think about was the level the campaign would be aimed at. Are we talking armies taking over worlds and struggles across star systems, with all the economic factors and resources management?  I did not want to have to worry about the output of a colony or how many men a colony had in its army.  And then it came to me: Space pirates and mercenaries.  If the player was a commander of a group of pirates or mercenaries then such concerns would be way above his pay grade. I realised I could take out nearly all the record keeping by simply saying each player was a combat commander.  He need not worry about logistics and neither had I.  All he had to concentrate on was fighting the battle and making requests to a higher authority when he wanted something outside his level of authority.  In this campaign I could fight battles with my 15mm forces with around a platoon to a company per side.   Each player would have a limited number or troops and vehicles at his disposal but would know roughly what extra he might be able to call on.  But that would be down to his superiors ( in other words me as GM).

Now as a rules writer I realised I have a tendency to get carried away with righting lots of rules.  It struck me that this was totally unnecessary.  I had considered writing a complex system for the time it would take and the cost of repairing mecha and vehicles. But this I can do away with. As the GM I can decide what the answer is to any question like “how long until my mecha is repaired?” or “How many anti-tank missiles do we have?”  I would take a leaf out of my style of very freeform role playing I GM from time to time.  I would just make it up on the spot and note down any decision I made.  Suddenly I felt free of the many constraints imposed by rules systems.   Now I could simply supply my players with the info they needed without reference charts and logistics.  A player does not need to know how the answer to his question is generated. Just like in real life.  A platoon commander simply askes his superiors when his casualties will be replaced.  He has no interest the cost or how they will be arriving.  All he needs is a when and how many. 

This method I think would work for many historical campaigns too.  The players need not even know you are making it all up.  If they ask a question just tell them to hang on a sec whilst you find out.  Then go off roll a dice, make up the answer and simply note down your decision.  It’s the end result the players have that matters not how you got there.  As long as it all seems fair and reasonable.


Friday, 6 June 2014


My 5 Robots from The scene completed last night. I went with red armour inspired by the robots from Elysium.

Monday, 2 June 2014

This weeks wargames progress

This weeks wargames progress has taken the form a lot of figures undercoated.  I have changed to white as it seems to show detail a little better than my normal black. And I have painted 2 more ships. A firestorm Armada RSN Cerberus heavy cruiser and a GZG ship that was donated by a friend.   

Thursday, 29 May 2014

A Battletech Dropship

I got one of these years ago to use in a 28mm starship build that never happened but it would work really well as a Battletech drop ship.  What do you think?

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Shanty Town part 2

I have finally finish part 2 of my shanty town project.  This section has the general store and Bar for all the local scum and villainy.  Again they are the lovely GZG 15mm shanty town buildings.  I used raw plugs for some high tech fencing posts but they are a little bit to big. Should have used smaller ones.  Fist shots are just trying to come up with a layout I liked.

Firestorm Armada RSN ship

I have a real love of starships and have written a number of rules sets for down the club.  I am building up a fleet for a campaign at some point.  This is my newest ship all painted up; The RSN Spectre class battleship.

Copplestone 15mm Fantasy

I have wanted to try a bit of 15mm fantasy for a while now and picked up some 15mm Copplestone figures. They are some of the best 15mm around, if not the best.  They look like 28mm that have been shrunk. I have to thank John Treadway  for putting me on to my painting visor that has different lenses.  Without that I was struggling to paint 15mm.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Before X-wing there was X-wing

A few years ago I started to collect micro machines star wars fighters for a display game.  You could pick them up cheap on Ebay.  I ended up with a pretty big collection (about 30+ Tie fighters and 20+ Rebel fighters) so started on a set of simple fighter rules. Whilst play testing one of my players said had I seen the new X-wing models coming out.  So there went my idea for a display game I was thinking of.  I do love the new X-wing models but cannot justify ignoring all my micro machine re-paints.  I also picked up a couple of the big electronic Blockade runners before they started fetching big money.  One is undercoated and the other is part painted.  Sorry the pictures are a bit wobbly I need to get a tripod.  I will try to get them re-done when I have a chance.

The Falcon is the snap fit kit that was out not to long ago.  I just did a little re-paint on it.  As the micro machines are a tad smaller I think it fits pretty well with them and is a lot cheaper then the proper x-wing game Falcon.

The A-wing is from Starship battles range as the micro machines one looks way to big.