Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Star Ship Campaign: The battle for Cyrene Beta.

I thought its about time I ran a star ship campaign.  I am trying for a simple one with not to much record keeping.  The hand written map shows the single star system the campaign is based in, called Cyrene. The numbers on the map indicate the number of days it takes using normal engines to travel from point to point. The asterisk symbol is the jump points that allow movement to any other jump point. 

The minimal back story is that of the colony of Cyrene Alfa, that has been doing very well and has stated a colony off its own called simply Beta. That new colony (within an asteroid belt created by the destruction of several moons long ago) is now in revolt. By persuading the local defence force to come over to their side and by giving land to out of system pirates they have cobbled together a reasonable fleet.   Their advantage is two mining platforms within the asteroid belt that will supply the needs of their fleet and give them considerable economic power.  Their mother world has a far more powerful fleet but has it spread about the system and has lost easy access to valuable raw materials. This will be the starting point of the campaign. I am using my own two page rules for the ship combat and allowing the players to be as inventive as they want as long as its within the limits of the universe I have been slowly building over the last couple of years.

A few more 10mm AWI

Here are my 2 Battalions of Continentals plus officers and artillery.  All painted by Robert, who's painting skills never fail to amaze me. Hard to believe these are 10mm. All from Pendraken's range.

And to face them: The British with their Light company out.