Thursday, 10 April 2014

15mm shanty town or settelment

I am continuing with my crazy blog posts for a bit as I expect to have a week away from the computer next week.  So I am posting pictures of my latest bit of  terrain for my 15mm sci-fi games. This is a15mm shanty town made with GZG's fantastic settlement buildings.  I bought these about a year ago after selling off a lot of 28mm stuff. I wanted the buildings to make up a little diorama type base rather than just plonking them down as individual buildings.  I added some car body mesh fencing.  The vegetable patch is an Angle Barracks product made from some kind of flexible rubber.  Its a fantastic little peace and although its made for 6mm it works very well for 15mm gardens.  I highly recommend it. The vegi patch is removable too.
A nice over view of my little settlement above.
Below is a couple of close ups of the vegi match.

The tree is an aquarium plant bit stuck on a screw to give it a sort of palm tree look but I think it just came out looking like a bit of plant on a screw. Never mind.

A bit or car body mesh fencing with match sticks cut thin for fence posts. 


  1. I have to say that the 15mm shanty is properly good.
    The kind of thing that people should aspire to!

    Not many things that make me nod my head, but this does.

    1. Wow thanks. I have been bowled over with how much people like it . :-)

  2. This shanty town looks the business. Can't wait to see what you do to top it. Nothing like a bit of pressure, eh? LoL.