Friday, 4 July 2014

Wargames fantasy world setting that’s........Different!


I have been looking for a fantasy setting for a wargames campaign that is very different to anything I have tried before.  A search that seemed to be going nowhere until I was babysitting my god daughter and was made to watch two Disney films: Frozen and Tangled.  To say I was pleasantly surprised at just how much I enjoyed these kids films is an understatement I am embarrassed about. Two very fun and grown up movies.  But what really struck me was the depth of the world each movie created.  And there it was; the world I have been looking for materialized right in front of me.  A world somewhat like our 1600’s to 1800 in style, clothing and uniforms.  The perfect location for a fantasy world with a difference.  On watching these films you will notice a lack of muskets but I put this down to (a bit of anti-gun lobbying) the guards seen being in effect police so being armed with crossbows only. The muskets must be kept locked away safe for if war comes. You can even research the worlds Disney have created on line. Check out these films and see if they might make a good location for your fantasy setting.

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